Libra ( 7th installment of the zodiac series)

Months before I painted this piece, a complete vision flashed in my mind of what it would look like. This hasn't happened with any other of my zodiac paintings. In fact, for me, it rarely happens at all. I saw Libra with dark hair, and large wide-set eyes. She was holding a crescent moon made of fire. I loved the mental image, but, as I worked on the piece, I struggled with the concept of this fire moon. I didn't understand what the symbol meant, and I wasn't certain that I could paint it convincingly without that understanding. I mused myself with another narrative for the piece. I thought, I'll paint her to look like the Hindu deity Lakshmi, who is similar to the goddess Venus (ruler of Libra) in her dominion over prosperity and love. In her hands, I painted a lotus. Frequently, Lakshmi Pujas (devotions) are celebrated on or near my birthday in late Libra as part of the Hindu festival of lights, called Diwali. As the piece developed, I resonated with Lakshmi, but the lotus was just a placeholder while I leaned into the idea of this fiery moon.

Libra is the only sign represented b