Guardian Heart

I began this 3x4ft piece at my husband's album release concert, which took place a couple days before the winter solstice 2015. During the week leading up to the event, I prepped the canvas with some deep greens, blues, & ambers. I still didn't know what I was going to paint during the concert, but the colors were somehow perfect. I remember walking through the isle of the art store, Christmas music playing on the speaker. A sweet, old-fashioned song came on, so familiar yet, I couldn't identify it. I kept humming it all day and into the night.

I create mostly at night, when everyone goes to sleep. The energy is simpler, the subconscious is more accessible, the dreams come out to play. Also, I work faster when no one is around. I got out my sketchpad and began to draw the image of a deer. As I sketched I hummed. I thought about an article a friend had recently shared on the story of mother deer. Unlike other does, female reindeer have antlers. Across the expanse of Northern Europe into Siberia, the female reindeer was honored, as Danielle Prohom Olsen writes, "... the anima of wild places, forests and mountains, the other worldly steed for fairies and magical folk." I continued to hum that enchanting song.

As I looked at my drawing, suddenly, the memory bubbled up and showed me where the song came