It is simply about recognition.

In autumn 2015, I created this post for my facebook page, Tara Luther Art; which, if you haven't visited, is a good place to see my current works in progress. This post was written as a reflection of the connection I share with my mom beyond her physical death. I felt it fitting for Mother's Day. Here is the original post...

"Recently a few people have asked me to share the story of this painting titled 'Recognition'. The bluebird represents my mom. Years ago, I found a blue jay feather on the property of her childhood home. Since that day, I see bluebirds of all kinds embodying her spirit, & reminding me that even though she is not physically here, her love & presence remain.

As I continued painting, I realized that, though unintentional, the face in the tree was my own. I thought about the relationship between the bird and and the tree. The tree shelters the bird, & the bird spreads the seed. There's no hierarchy, because balance & reciprocity define their relationship.