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It is simply about recognition.

In autumn 2015, I created this post for my facebook page, Tara Luther Art; which, if you haven't visited, is a good place to see my current works in progress. This post was written as a reflection of the connection I share with my mom beyond her physical death. I felt it fitting for Mother's Day. Here is the original post...

"Recently a few people have asked me to share the story of this painting titled 'Recognition'. The bluebird represents my mom. Years ago, I found a blue jay feather on the property of her childhood home. Since that day, I see bluebirds of all kinds embodying her spirit, & reminding me that even though she is not physically here, her love & presence remain.

As I continued painting, I realized that, though unintentional, the face in the tree was my own. I thought about the relationship between the bird and and the tree. The tree shelters the bird, & the bird spreads the seed. There's no hierarchy, because balance & reciprocity define their relationship.

I began reflecting on the relationship that children have with their parents when the child becomes the caregiver. There's beauty and balance in this. Before my parents transitioned from this life, I found our roles had shifted. They could no longer care for themselves. Sometimes we find ourselves in a places that shock the soul. Breath it in. Soften. Our perception determines our experience of the world.

For those who have experienced grief, who long for that reconnection, know that those subtle sychronicities are real, & that they grow with loving attention. We are never really separated from the love we share. It is simply about recognition."

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