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 All of us have an ever-evolving blueprint laid out in our astrological chart. Tara takes aspects of the individual's birth chart, combined with her unique vision, intuition, and openness to then reflect aspects of the realized self that are empowering and enriching.


Each piece is as unique as the individual. Your portrait may take the form of a celestial being, an earth goddess, an animal spirit, or some combination. Your input into the creation of the portrait is always welcomed, or if you prefer, Tara can utilize her knowledge of astrology and apply it to the portrait.

Tara has been practicing astrology for over 15 years. She views star charts not just as their components, but as a whole living picture, an energetic imprint for individuals, relationships, & life events. Tara interprets this  living picture in your custom  portrait.

Available in a variety of sizes. Contact Tara at to discuss your portrait.

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