Custom fantastical portraits are created in  oil on canvas or panel. ​Each piece is as unique as the individual. Your portrait may take the form of a celestial being, an earth goddess, an animal spirit, or some combination. All of us have an ever-evolving blueprint laid out in our astrological chart. Tara takes aspects of the individual's astrological birth chart, combined with her unique vision & intuition to create each portrait. Starting at $650.

Custom Fantastical Portraits

Spirit Portraits
  • If you feel a special connection to an animal, a nature spirit, an angel, a flower, etc... let Tara know, & She'll incorporate that information.

     Also, please include your birth info. Date, time, & place. If you do not have the exact time, simply exclude time. Message Tara directly at where you can discuss with her details related to your portrait, & she can answer any questions you may have.

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