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“I’ve never had my birth chart professionally read before Tara, and I can confidently say I will never need to see anyone else. The amount of depth and insight into current / past / future situations that Tara has is literally mind blowing. Just from my birth information she knew SO much, even aware of the darkest days I went through several years past. Whether you know nothing about astrology or are currently studying it, you can benefit from a reading with Tara. It is easily the best money I’ve ever spent, and I can not recommend her enough!”  -Abigail M. 

“I had a reading with Tara and it was very insightful. Tara is very intuitive and knowledgeable. Her reading helped me get a better understanding of why I may have been in certain situations in my life and also gave me a fresh perspective for what’s coming. I truly love the experience and I would highly recommend it.” -Claudia Z.

“If you’ve never had your astrological chart done, you need to book at least an hour with Tara. I would book everyday if I could. Amazingly validating. Really soul-nourishing therapy. Tara is a high-frequency celestial being, and she channels heavy during sessions.” -Allison N.

"Tara’s readings are incredible! I’m blown away by how good she is at reading charts- I had never met her before my reading, yet she could have been reading from the story of my life, down to the most insane little details! She was able to provide me with a lot of reassurance and clarity that the path I am taking is the right one, even if it is the hardest thing right now." -Liz O.

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